Microsoft Research

Although it might not seem like it Microsoft is really along way ahead of nearly all the other major tech companies. But no one really gets to see their cool stuff because it takes place in their research centres and doesn’t always make it into consumer products. Below is a collection of videos from Microsoft Applied Sciences Group, an department that helps bring Microsoft’s ideas to life and have worked on projects such as MS Surface and Project Natal (Xbox Kinect).

Street Slide – 2010

A further implementation of a mapping service similar to Google’s Street View.

First MS Surface demo – 2003

A large multitouch surface computer with finger tracking and object recognition.

MS Surface transparent puzzle pieces – 2004

Using IR tags to track position and rotation of objects

Transparent Projection – 2004

Projecting onto water vapour.

Warp Pointer – 2005

Cursor control with a hand held device similar to the Wii remote.

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Magnetic Words Multitouch App

Here is a small app I created in Flash in less than 10 minutes (most of that time was getting words!). Inspired by those fridge magnets which are a bunch of words that can be mixed and matched to make obscure and hilarious sentences.

Excuse the dodgey touch response at the start… my screen still isn’t quite finished. Besides the hiccup at the start you can see the response is pretty fast over all.

You can download the Flash exe here


Source can be downloaded here. Note the FLA was created in Flash CS5 so you will need it to open. You will also have to change the ActionScript source paths to the location of the TouchLib SVN files on your machine.

Making a title sequence

I’ve decided to make a motion graphic title sequence for a fictional movie… because title sequences are awesome. And because I have been working on a motion graphic intro sequence for a client. Below is a storyboard and a camera flow layout which I have made up in Illustrator which I will use to animate in After Effects. And as added level of difficulty… I plan to make it in stereoscopic 3D! I may have to change the colour from orange to something else since I will most likely do a red-blue anaglyphic render.

Forlorn Gaze Motion Graphics

I just updated my folio with the following work. It is some motion graphic work I did earlier on this year for A.K.A Nancy Vaudeville. I animated logo idents and motion graphics for a short film called Forlorn Gaze which is a mockumentary about an Emo band. It was originally a web series for TripleJ a few years back.