Sound Sculptures

The following are some of my favourite sound sculptures that I’ve found on Vimeo.

UberSnake – my Flash snake game

Heres what I’ve been doing this week… making a Flash version of the old game ‘Snake’ which I’m sure a lot of people spent plenty of time playing on the old Nokia phones. This game had a lot of firsts for me in relation to ActionScript. This is the first thing I’ve done completely from code without any thing done in Flash. It’s all object oriented code and its the first time I’ve used getters and setters in a class. I wrote the game using Flash Develop which makes things so much easier. I have also integrated a high score system using PHP and MySQL.

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MotionList – part 2

I’ve made some more progress on my MotionList class over the last couple of days. Some new features in the current demo below are:

– Scrolling, vertically or horizontally or both
– Customisable item spacing
– Customisable colours for the list background, list item background and list item text
– Customisable display window (masked area)
– a selection of 5 different animation modes
– a MotionListEvent for checking when any animation has finished.

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MotionList – Windows Phone 7 Metro UI style lists

Here is small experiment I’ve done in AS3 called Motion List. Motion List is a class that creates a list or grid of items with similar animations to the upcoming Windows Phone 7 UI’s ‘Metro’ transitions. I love the new UI for WP7 and thought I’d try and recreate a little bit of it in AS3 for use with my own applictions. I will convert this to multitouch soon and make a video demo too. In the mean time have a look at the ‘mouse’ demo below. Hit reset to bring the list back once you’ve clicked an item. Also try changing some of the parameters and then hit update.

Note: This is a very early version, I’ve got plenty more to add and things fix.

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Guitar Shots

Here is another short video I made to test my new lens – a Canon EF 50mm F1.4. The clip is a bunch of close up shots of my guitars and basses recorded at 1920×1080 24fps. I love the really shallow depth of field of the lens. Footage was graded with Magic Bullet Looks.

Box Hill edit – A short video test with the Canon 7D

I got a Canon 7D the other week, and what better way to test out the video features than to make a push bike edit. So on the weekend I hit up the Box Hill skate park for a ride and filmed some of the locals.

Shot with Canon 7D +
– Canon EFS 18-135mm lens
– Canon EF 15mm f2.8 Fisheye lens

James Patterson
Tyson Byrnes
Simon Rhook
Alex Swindelhurst

Music: Dr. Kitt by Kula Shaker.

A couple cool videos…

Here are some cool videos I found during the week. The first one is a racing game which consists of a classic arcade racing unit, an RC car and a cardboard track. Players use the arcade box to drive the RC car around the cardboard track. Pretty cool!

This second video is a nice demo of a DJ application being used on a transparent glass multitouch screen. The bright interface looks awesome on the transparent screen!

The third video is of a webcam piano, which tracks hand movements and positions via webcam to create music.

AS3: Code hinting, completion and highlighting in Air apps

Over the last couple of months I have been working on a text editor, for which I made a history manager class that I posted about a little while back. This time as a bit of an experiment/challenge I tried to include some code hinting and code completion functionality to the editor similar to Dreamweaver, to speed up the process of manually typing tags.

Another feature I added to the text editor was some syntax highlighting, so that tags and attributes would be a different colour to the content, which most text editors have these days. I achieved this by using regular expressions to check each line for tags, and then format that text if they are found, and then using another regex to check the found tags for attributes and colour them differently again.

Below is a small demo of what I’ve done so far.
Start typing some HTML tags in the text box to get the hinting drop down. In this demo the drop down contains a very rough selection of html tags and attributes. You can use the arrow keys to select a tag and hit enter to insert it. You can also get hinting for attributes for example if you type "<p" and then hit space, a list of available attributes for that tag will be displayed. When you type "</" to close the tags the last opened tag will automatically be completed for you. You will notice that once a tag is completed it will be highlighted blue, with any attributed in brown.

Since the demo below is in Flash player and not Air, there are a couple is issues with the keyboard… the event.preventDefault() method seems to only work in Air. When you are selecting items in the drop down the cursor in the text box will also move, and when you hit enter you will also break the text in the text box. So to get a proper demo just download the source FLA (CS4) at the bottom of the post and preview/publish the project as an Air package.

Any feedback regarding bugs would be greatly appreciated. Since this is quite complex it’s pretty hard to test all situations, but I think I have found most.

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Enough talking:
Get the sauce.

Actuating Widgets on Interactive Tabletops

This is probably one of the best concepts I’ve seen recently for interactive tabletops. Tangible controls/widgets that can be controlled by magnets to self switch and move across the table. There is also a very interesting approach for redirecting IR light around the magnets so the cameras can pick up the widgets’ presence. Check out the video below to see them in action.

Inspiring Inspiration #2

Here is a small collection of inspiration.

Disruptive by Design

Popup Font Book


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