Comparing custom font display with @font-face

This is a little experiment I conducted comparing the way different browsers render custom fonts through @font-face. What I found was that the two browsers that displayed them best were IE8 and Firefox 4 Beta. The worst browsers were Opera and Safari. Opera seemed to make the characters extra skinny, and Safari made the characters thicker. Coming in the middle were Chrome and Firefox 3.6 which displayed the text with the correct thickness but with harder edges than the FF4 Beta and IE8. Have a look at the images below for a comparison.



Firefox 3.6

Firefox 4 Beta

Internet Explorer 8


The Megahorns Website Refresh

I have just launched a new website design refresh for The Megahorns, a local band from Melbourne. Quite a large band actually with heaps of saxes, trumpets, trombones and drums! The re-design involved building a new WordPress theme from the ground up to incorporate into their existing CMS. The design incorporates graphic elements from their recent and first album ‘Vol One’. I also decided to design a comprehensive custom ‘The Megahorns’ font containing an almost full set of 210 characters for use on the website. All the characters were adapted from the letters ‘megahorns’ on their album cover. This was my first proper font design and I’m pretty happy with it! So check out their super funky music by heading over now to their new website and be sure to check them out live!

Future Interface Concepts

Here is a small collection of my favourite user interface concept videos. You will have to use Red-Blue 3D glasses to watch the second one properly.