DSI Multitouch construction – Part 5

Here is some more updated photos of the coffee table. I wanted to post some shots up before I head over to Japan in a few days. I managed to get it out of my bedroom and into the lounge for some better shots. Note that the top and sides are not the final. Currently they are MDF painted matte black, but when I get back from overseas in a month I will replace the top and sides with gloss black perspex so it’s all shiney! Check out the new photos below.

With the temporary top and sides on:

Sides off, showing the PC and LCD components:

Height comparison – the whole unit is about 500mm height, with the inner height between camera and lcd about 45cm.

Top off, showing the IR LEDs etc.

Microsoft Surface 2.0

As some may know Microsoft has release info and a new website for Microsoft Surface 2.0. The new surface looks great and at just 4″ thick it is now a lot more adaptable than the table style of version 1. Customised legs can be attached to the unit or it cam be mounted to a wall. Surface 2 uses some new technologies that Microsoft has developed. The first is per-pixel IR detection, so basically each pixel on the screen has its own tiny ‘IR Camera’ so the which enabled the screen to see anything placed on top. Surface 2 runs on Windows 7 this time around instead of the custom Surface software of version 1 and now has integrated support for Windows Phone 7. The top surface is covered with a huge sheet of Gorilla Glass, that largest to ever be bonded to an LCD. And finally the unit is being manufactured by Samsung. Check out the demo video below and the link to the new website.

Surface 2.0 from Microsoft

Surface Tech Demo

Super Macro video with the 7D

Yesterday I found out that a lens mount adapter I had would enabled me to attach some old Pentax lenses from my grandpa (about 25 years old) to my Canon 7D. I also had some extension tubes with these lenses so I decided to experiment with shooting some super macro video. Check out the video below.