Canon 7D + Anamorphic 35mm projector lens

A couple weeks ago after I got back from Japan I bought an anamorphic lens off eBay for my 7D. It finally arrived yesterday and now I have to try and find a way to attach it. Since nearly all anamorphic lenses that are adapted to DSLRs are from projectors they require special clamps and adapters to attach to DLSR lenses. I spent a lot of time today researching different methods from using lens clamps to getting a custom machined device. The lens I bought is from a 35mm projector so it is quite large – 70mm for the back barrel and 110mm for the front. I was unable to find any clamps big enough to fit around my lens since all the clamps I found were for 16mm projector lenses which are around 52mm for the back barrel. So I have to come up with my own way of attaching. I ended up with the following – using adapter rings to convert from 58mm to 77mm, then use a 77mm spacer tube which should fit around the 70mm rear barrel. I should then be able to drill three holes around the spacer tube and insert thumb screws which I can tighten to clamp the lens. See the diagram below. So I have bought all the various parts off eBay and now I will have to wait a week or so to see if this plan works. I hope so. Another thing a will probably have to do is get some rail supports since the lens weighs about 1.5kg!

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Gadgets in Japan

As some may know I have just returned from a 4 week trip around Japan. Whilst in Japan I spent a bit of time in different cities browsing through giant electronics stores such as BIC Camera, Yodobashi and Yamada-Denki. One of the great things about the Japanese electronics stores is not only do they stock just about every range in every colour, they also have demo models of nearly everything as well. So I was able to play with some pretty cool gadgets which I would have otherwise probably never used back here in Australia. Below are some of the cool things I got to play with while in Japan.

Sharp Galapagos 3D Android Phone

The screen in this phone was a glasses free 3D screen, it was pretty cool but I don’t think I would be able to use it day to day. Especially since the viewing angle to get the 3D effect is very narrow.