Recently I have been experimenting with macro photography quite a bit with some old Pentax lenses and extension tubes adapted to my Canon. I hadn’t tried with any shots with all extension tubes added together and when this weeks Gizmodo Shooting challenge was Macro I decided it would be a good excuse to get out the tripod and an LED torch to try and shoot as close as I possibly could! I took shots of several objects including coins, bubbles, pizza shapes, mini fuzzy chicken toys, bananas and a cupcake. I took about 40 shots all up to get one I liked and I settled on a cupcake shot (not the one below). It it was super hard getting the focus with a fully manual lens as well as hand holding a torch up to a ~5mm gap between the subject and lens. I go too close at one point and ended up with icing all over the lens. Here are some of my favourites not including the one I submitted to Gizmodo. For a bit of size context – The coin shot is of the Queen on the back of the 10c piece. You can see two fibres on the right which were invisible to the naked eye and the green sprinkles on the cupcake are about 1mm on the sort side!

All images were shot with the following:

Other Equipment:

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