DSI Multitouch construction – Part 7

Well its been a while since I posted an update on my DSI coffee table. It is pretty much complete now. The last thing I have to do is get a piece of scratch resistant plexiglas for the table top to create a single seamless top. I would also like to get black perspex for the sides so the table has a piano black finish, but this is a maybe in the future. The reason I have been holding off with the final top piece is because I am still experimenting with different lighting so blobs can be detected through the extra layer of plastic. Currently I am waiting on a second PS3 Eye camera so I can try a two camera setup to hopefully get clearer and less distorted images for tracking.


PixelPerfect digital art wall

Update: It has come to my attention that some companies have been claiming that Classy Event Group is just a software reseller for Virtual Graffiti Wall. This is entirely untrue. I have worked with Classy Event Group to design and develop this software for them. Classy Event Group is the sole owner of this software and it is not available anywhere else.

PixelPerfect is a digital art wall app I built for Classy Event Group using Adobe AIR. After seeing a video I posted over at the  NUI Group forums they asked me to build a customised version of my stenciling and painting app for their digital art wall. PixelPerfect uses a new stencilling method which I developed which is not only heaps faster, it also leaves paint on the stencils – something which we hadn’t seen before in previous stencil applications. The app has the ability to load in background images and transparent foreground images and the saving and printing of creations. The service provided by Classy Events Group also enables a photobooth function. The app watches a folder for photos and a DSLR saves images to the folder enabling the user to instantly pull up their photo and draw on it.