painty – A simple HTML5 web app for the iPad

As you may know I have been mucking around with HTML5’s canvas element lately. Here is an evolution of the paint mixing example I showed a couple posts back. I decided to turn it into a simple iPad web app. Check out the video below and visit the following URL on an iPad to try it out. I also plan to make it multitouch in the not too distant future!

Video demo:

Javascript and Canvas wet paint mixing

Here is an experiment I did to learn how the HTML5 Canvas tag works. I wanted to know how to manipulate pixels so I attempted to port my AS3 paint mixing to Javascript. I was surprised by the performance although it doesn’t seem to be as fast as the Flash version, and it is definitely a lot more work getting and setting pixels with Javascript and Canvas. Check out the demo below. The brush will lag at higher drawing speeds when the size is large. But it if you don’t draw too fast it works pretty well. So far it seems to work best in Safari.

Supported browsers:

  • Chrome (Only tested in Chrome 12)
  • Safari (Only tested in Safari 5)
  • IE9

Note: Doesn’t work in Firefox and haven’t tried Opera


Videos from Adobe MAX Sneaks

Below is some videos taken at the Adobe MAX 2010 conferences during Sneaks sessions. Sneaks sessions are a chance for Adobe to demonstrate prototypes and new technologies that may or may not make it into future Adobe products. Some pretty interesting stuff!

Typography of Code- a new way of displaying and reading code for designers

Wallaby – Exporting an FLA to HTML

Flash StageVideo – a performance demo showing smooth playback with low CPU usage when overlaying vector graphics on 1080p video

Flash StageVideo – smooth playback of 4K video in Flash

Video Tapestry – a new way to navigate a video

Photoshop Future – matching colours in photos

Pixel Bender 3D – shaders for the new ‘Molehill’ 3D api coming to Flash