Tyler Umbers March 2011 Edit

This is a little delayed but about two weeks ago I went back up to Horsham and filmed an edit for Tyler. I finished it last week and it has been up on Vimeo for about a week now. Check it out below. The intro title was drawn in Illustrator and then brought into After Effects to animate and finish, then once the editing was done I graded using Magic Bullet Mojo. The video was shot on my Canon 7D at 720p 50fps.


Making a title sequence

I’ve decided to make a motion graphic title sequence for a fictional movie… because title sequences are awesome. And because I have been working on a motion graphic intro sequence for a client. Below is a storyboard and a camera flow layout which I have made up in Illustrator which I will use to animate in After Effects. And as added level of difficulty… I plan to make it in stereoscopic 3D! I may have to change the colour from orange to something else since I will most likely do a red-blue anaglyphic render.

Playing with Scriptographer

While at work today I didn’t have anything to do so I decided to learn how to use the Illustrator plug-in called Scriptographer. Scriptographer is a pulg-in which enables you to write custom brushes, filters or generative stuff using Javascript. The above image shows my first attempt at creating a generative brush. Basically it draws a thick branch when you drag the mouse with smaller branches randomly branching out. Some of the smaller branches have lollipop looking things on the end and some don’t. I’ve included the code below. You can edit the scale of the effect and the colours of the circles and branches. Feel free to use it anywhere or modify it.

[cc lang=”javascript”]
/////////////////////////EDIT THESE////////////////////////////

var circleColours = [‘#CD00FF’,’#7400EF’,’#0666FF’]; //colour of the repeating circles
var rootLineColour = ‘#FF0000’; //colour of the main line
var branchColour = ‘#CCCCCC’;
var effectScale = 30; //size of the pattern

/////////////////////DON’T EDIT BELOW//////////////////////////

var rootPath;

function onMouseDown(event) {
rootPath = new Path();
rootPath.strokeWidth = (effectScale/11);
rootPath.stokeColor = rootLineColour;

function onMouseDrag(event) {


var rootToCircle = new Path();
var circlePosition = (event.point+Point.random() * (effectScale*4))-(effectScale*2);
var circleSize = Math.random() * (effectScale/3*2);

rootToCircle.stokeColor = branchColour;


var openBranch = new Path();
openBranch.stokeColor = branchColour;
var openBranchEnd = (event.point+Point.random() * (effectScale*4))-(effectScale*2);
var openBranchStart = (event.point+Point.random() * (effectScale/3))-(effectScale/7);


var circle = new Path.Circle(circlePosition, circleSize);

for (var i=0;i