Triggering a ‘finish’ event on an external video with Storyline HTML5

If you have at some point needed to use Articulate Storyline – you have probably come to a point where you want to murder everyone around you (not literally of course!) due to its ridiculous, quirky limitations. More often than not I find myself hacking the published code to make things works how I want. […]

February 18, 2015

Creating a dynamic progress bar in Storyline

Disclaimer: The techniques in this article access areas of the Storyline JavaScript output which are neither documented nor officially supported. Have you ever tried to implement a custom progress bar in your Storyline projects? If you have, then you will be aware of the difficulty of implementing such a feature. It usually involves setting up […]

March 26, 2014

Storyline – a tip to ensure your users’ progression is saved

If you are building a long activity in Articulate Storyline then you might want to take some steps to ensure that your users’ progression is saved in the event that their internet connection drops or their session times out. On SCORM compliant LMSs you can call the equivalent ‘commit’ function to push all SCORM data […]

February 28, 2014