Windows Phone 7 custom half tiles

Here are some half and quarter tiles that I’ve made for the WP7 home screen. Simply go to the link below on your WP7 device, tap on an image you want and pin the site to your start screen. This was inspired by the custom organisation tiles at At the moment they are only blue on black, but you can get the PSD below to make your own.

Visit this address on your WP7 device:

Get the PSD

Dye Lockscreen Wallpapers for Windows Phone 7

Over the weekend I was playing around with macro shots of dye on paper. The only thing I could find in the house that I could use as ‘Inks’ were a box of red, green, blue and yellow food dyes so thats what I used. Although they didn’t bleed like I was hoping to I still think they looked pretty cool. I sat some paper down on a sheet of clear perspex with a desk lamp underneath and one above and dripped dyes onto the paper. I mostly shot video (which I am currently making into a mock movie title sequence, but more on that in a later post) but I did take a few photos and below are a some of favourites which I have sized to 480×800 which is perfect for the lock screen on a WP7 device. I like how the back lighting has created a metallic look and the colours really pop on my Omnia 7’s Super AMOLED screen!