32″ DSI Multitouch coffee table construction – Part 1

For a while now I have been planning a 32″ multitouch coffee table. DSI uses a special acrylic which when lit from the edges distrubutes even illumination across the panel. Over the last few weeks I have been collecting bits and pieces and this weekend I started making the top for the table. Photos below.

The TV I will be using – 32″ Full HD Samsung LCD

TV with the back casing removed

FFC cables could be a problem

Hopefully this long ribbon cable will allow me to use the original FFC cables

The LCD panel removed

The backlight

The CCFL tubes in the backlight… Looks like I will have to make a custom backlight

I decided to make the table top out of 3 sheets of MDF glued together

Lining the sheets up

Checking that the LCD fits

Glueing sheets togther

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