DSI Multitouch construction – Part 2

Here are some more shots of the work in progress of the DSI Multitouch Coffee table I’m building. Last week the Endlighten arrived. This wasn’t the easiest to acquire – in Australia the only option really was to buy a full sheet which would have cost $1000+. The best place to get cut-to-size acrylic is through the Evonik Online Store. Unfortunately they don’t ship outside the US so I had to get an account set up at MyUS, which provides a US mailing address with package forwarding so I could order the Acrylic to this address then have it forward to my address. This turned out to be the cheapest option (I also looked into some other methods).

The package was packed pretty well with a wooden frame for protection:

Placing the Endlighten on the LCD with the aluminium LED rails sitting in place. A final layer of glass/abrasion resistant acrylic will sit flush on top, providing a seamless full glass top:

Shot from underneath showing standard clear acrylic (3mm thick from Bunnings) supporting the backlight light diffuser layers from the LCD:

Some more shots of the clear acrylic with the diffusers. The LCD originally had 4 diffusing layers, but I will probably only use the two ‘frosted’ ones. I might place the Fresnal layers directly on top the back light which will be sitting at the base of the unit.

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