I have just uploaded my new showreel to Vimeo. A couple weeks ago I was listening to TripleJ in the car and I heard this amazingly bizarre, vintage, sci-fi, horror metal song come on. Unfortunately I missed what it was called or who the artist was so I spent ages trying to figure it out. The TripleJ iPhone app seemed to show recently played songs and it listed all the songs except the one I was looking for. Then later that night just before I went to bed someone asked the presenter via Twitter what the song was and bam – there it was. Swamp Thing by Darth Vegas. I wanted to use it in my new showreel and then I discovered another one of their songs on the TripleJ unearthed website called A Night To Dismember. It sounded like it would fit even better so I decided to use that one instead. The intro and outro title cards I made for the reel were inspired by the intro sequence to the French move ‘Enter The Void’, and the name card was inspired by Looney Tunes. That particular part of the song just reminds my classic Looney Tunes cartoons and I thought it would be fitting. The reel contains some old and new work with stuff ranging from motion graphics and video to multi-touch AIR and HTML5 apps, and iOS apps. Here it is below: