Slide transition effects with CSS

Here are some slide transition experiments I created using CSS.

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You can view the source of the demos to see how they were made. They have all been tested and work in all the latest browsers – Chrome, Firefox, IE 10+.

There are 6 in total:

Card fall
Card fall forward
Carousel 3D rotate
Cube rotate
Scale and fade
Vertical 2D Carousel

Javascript voice control

Since Chrome 25 we have had access to the new Web Speech API which allows us to create web apps that can utilse voice to text or voice control with a microphone. I have been wanting to experiment with this for quite a while so I built simple example to using voice commands to control an e-learning module made with my e-learning framework. I recorded a video below demonstrating navigation through voice commands. After the video I will show show you how easy it is to set up this basic control.

The following link provides a tutorial on implementing a speech to text example:

To use speech recognition for voice commands, this is how I implemented it:

1. Create a new speech recognition object

var recognition = new webkitSpeechRecognition();

2. Make the object continuously check the microphone

recognition.continuous = true;

3. Set the language to use. By default it will use the document’s language

recognition.lang = "en-AU";

4. Start the speech recognition


5. Get results on the ‘onresult’ event

recognition.onresult = function (e) {
  // loop through the results
  for (var i = e.resultIndex; i < e.results.length; ++i) {
    // only get the final results 
    if (e.results[i].isFinal) { 
      // trim any whitespace from result and pass to our command handler 
      // note: I am using jQuery here to trim the string because my e-learning demo already had jQuery included

6. Set up a function to handle the commands

function runCommand(command){ 
  switch (command) { 
    case "alert" : alert("Hello"); break; 
    case "prompt" : prompt("Enter some text"); break; 
    case "confirm" : confirm("Confirm?"); break; 

Inspiring Inspiration #14

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