Since Chrome 25 we have had access to the new Web Speech API which allows us to create web apps that can utilse voice to text or voice control with a microphone. I have been wanting to experiment with this for quite a while so I built simple example to using voice commands to control an e-learning module made with my e-learning framework. I recorded a video below demonstrating navigation through voice commands. After the video I will show show you how easy it is to set up this basic control.

The following link provides a tutorial on implementing a speech to text example:

To use speech recognition for voice commands, this is how I implemented it:

1. Create a new speech recognition object

var recognition = new webkitSpeechRecognition();

2. Make the object continuously check the microphone

recognition.continuous = true;

3. Set the language to use. By default it will use the document’s language

recognition.lang = "en-AU";

4. Start the speech recognition


5. Get results on the ‘onresult’ event

recognition.onresult = function (e) {
  // loop through the results
  for (var i = e.resultIndex; i < e.results.length; ++i) {
    // only get the final results 
    if (e.results[i].isFinal) { 
      // trim any whitespace from result and pass to our command handler 
      // note: I am using jQuery here to trim the string because my e-learning demo already had jQuery included

6. Set up a function to handle the commands

function runCommand(command){ 
  switch (command) { 
    case "alert" : alert("Hello"); break; 
    case "prompt" : prompt("Enter some text"); break; 
    case "confirm" : confirm("Confirm?"); break;