Recreating the Apple Watch UI using a hexagonal grid

Building on the hexagonal grid from earlier, I have added a little JavaScript and have created an effect similar to the Apple Watch home screen UI.

Below is a video of it in action, I am using IE11 (metro version) on a Surface Pro 2 which I found to be the most performant for this effect. Chrome was janky as hell, and Safari on the iPad doesn’t like to do things while scrolling.

Triggering a ‘finish’ event on an external video with Storyline HTML5

If you have at some point needed to use Articulate Storyline – you have probably come to a point where you want to murder everyone around you (not literally of course!) due to its ridiculous, quirky limitations. More often than not I find myself hacking the published code to make things works how I want.

One of the big limitations in Storyline is video – if you want to trigger something when the video starts or finished you must use the built in player. But the built in player cannot load videos from an external site (such as a streaming server – a common requirement) so you are left with using the ‘video embed code’ option, which doesn’t seem to allow custom embed codes – all I could get to work was YouTube and Vimeo. And even if you can get this to work you can’t add triggers to it for when the video ends.

I found a little hack which uses the Web Object and a custom video player in a HTML page. You can listen for the video complete event in the custom player then change a variable in the Storyline player. Then in Storyline add a trigger for when that particular variable changes, which will be when the video finishes.

Here’s how to do it.


CSS Diamond grid

Following on from the last post I decided to play a bit more with the hexagonal grid and created a diamond grid. It works similar to the last grid except it uses squares rotated 45 degrees, so it is basically a regular grid tipped on its side with even-odd number alternating rows.

Here is a live demo of the grid:


CSS Hexagonal packed grid

Most grids are square packed – that is each cell is stacked like a block which is great, but if you are after something slightly different maybe you should try a hexagonally packed grid. I will show you how to create a hexagonally packed grid using only CSS. But first, here is the difference between a square and a hexagonal packed grid:


View demo


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