Inspiring Inspiration #5

A collection of awesomeness from Vimeo…


Inspiring Inspiration #4

Some inspiring videos…


Inspiring Inspiration #3

Here is a selection of some of my favourite videos on Vimeo.


Tyler Umbers March 2011 Edit

This is a little delayed but about two weeks ago I went back up to Horsham and filmed an edit for Tyler. I finished it last week and it has been up on Vimeo for about a week now. Check it out below. The intro title was drawn in Illustrator and then brought into After Effects to animate and finish, then once the editing was done I graded using Magic Bullet Mojo. The video was shot on my Canon 7D at 720p 50fps.


Sound Sculptures

The following are some of my favourite sound sculptures that I’ve found on Vimeo.

Inspiring Inspiration #2

Here is a small collection of inspiration.

Disruptive by Design

Popup Font Book


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Making a title sequence

I’ve decided to make a motion graphic title sequence for a fictional movie… because title sequences are awesome. And because I have been working on a motion graphic intro sequence for a client. Below is a storyboard and a camera flow layout which I have made up in Illustrator which I will use to animate in After Effects. And as added level of difficulty… I plan to make it in stereoscopic 3D! I may have to change the colour from orange to something else since I will most likely do a red-blue anaglyphic render.

Forlorn Gaze Motion Graphics

I just updated my folio with the following work. It is some motion graphic work I did earlier on this year for A.K.A Nancy Vaudeville. I animated logo idents and motion graphics for a short film called Forlorn Gaze which is a mockumentary about an Emo band. It was originally a web series for TripleJ a few years back.

Inspiring Inspiration #1

First is this great infographic for a documentary called Waiting For ‘Superman’ which highlights a bunch of issues in America. I love the simple colours and textures in this and the animation is really smooth and flowing. The use of circles is awesome too!

Secondly, an animated video clip for Don’t Give it Up by Deep River Running. I like the spooky carnival graphics and the the film effects added in post.

Purple Squirrels Logo Ident

Here is a short logo ident I made for PurpleSquirrels in my spare time. It’s made in After Effects using Trapcode Particular, Form and Lux as well as Magic Bullet Mojo for a bit of colour grading.