Inspiring Inspiration #7

A collection of cool video, motion graphics and interface design, mostly if not all from Vimeo…


New Showreel!

I have just uploaded my new showreel to Vimeo. A couple weeks ago I was listening to TripleJ in the car and I heard this amazingly bizarre, vintage, sci-fi, horror metal song come on. Unfortunately I missed what it was called or who the artist was so I spent ages trying to figure it out. READ MORE

Inspiring Inspiration #5

A collection of awesomeness from Vimeo…


Falls Creek with a GoPro HD Hero

A couple weeks ago I bought a GoPro HD Here camera. The video below is the first test using the camera mounted to my helmet. I was planning on doing some shots with it mounted to my board but the sticky stuff failed the second I started moving!

I’m pretty happy with the quality of the video, except the waterproof casing kept fogging up in the centre of the lens which rendered a lot of footage unusable. I shot at 1280×720 @ 60FPS. The clips with the tilt shift effect were graded with Magic Bullet Looks and the others just have a simple curves adjustment applied to them.


Inspiring Inspiration #4

Some inspiring videos…


Tyler Umbers March 2011 Edit

This is a little delayed but about two weeks ago I went back up to Horsham and filmed an edit for Tyler. I finished it last week and it has been up on Vimeo for about a week now. Check it out below. The intro title was drawn in Illustrator and then brought into After Effects to animate and finish, then once the editing was done I graded using Magic Bullet Mojo. The video was shot on my Canon 7D at 720p 50fps.


Canon 7D + Anamorphic 35mm projector lens

A couple weeks ago after I got back from Japan I bought an anamorphic lens off eBay for my 7D. It finally arrived yesterday and now I have to try and find a way to attach it. Since nearly all anamorphic lenses that are adapted to DSLRs are from projectors they require special clamps and adapters to attach to DLSR lenses. I spent a lot of time today researching different methods from using lens clamps to getting a custom machined device. The lens I bought is from a 35mm projector so it is quite large – 70mm for the back barrel and 110mm for the front. I was unable to find any clamps big enough to fit around my lens since all the clamps I found were for 16mm projector lenses which are around 52mm for the back barrel. So I have to come up with my own way of attaching. I ended up with the following – using adapter rings to convert from 58mm to 77mm, then use a 77mm spacer tube which should fit around the 70mm rear barrel. I should then be able to drill three holes around the spacer tube and insert thumb screws which I can tighten to clamp the lens. See the diagram below. So I have bought all the various parts off eBay and now I will have to wait a week or so to see if this plan works. I hope so. Another thing a will probably have to do is get some rail supports since the lens weighs about 1.5kg!

Click to enlarge.

Super Macro video with the 7D

Yesterday I found out that a lens mount adapter I had would enabled me to attach some old Pentax lenses from my grandpa (about 25 years old) to my Canon 7D. I also had some extension tubes with these lenses so I decided to experiment with shooting some super macro video. Check out the video below.