Multitouch Jukebox Concept

As most people may know, Adobe released CS5 last week and with it Flash CS5 which now has built in native multitouch events. As an experiment with these new APIs I decided to rework my AS3 coverflow into a multitouch music player using gestures to scroll through album covers. Below you can watch a quick video I recorded of it in action. The basic controls are as follows:

  • Use two fingers touch and and scroll through albums
  • Single finger tap on cover to reveal songs
  • Single finger tap song to play
  • Two finger tap on song list to play ablum
  • Simple drag and drop songs into playlist

The performance is quite good with the camera in the MT screen running at 60fps, and the app running at 30fps. The advantage of using the native touch events is that the events are recieved from the Windows 7 HID driver so Windows can be controlled at the same time and the whole experience is much more seamless.

Oh and by the way… the screen I am using is a DIY 19″ LCD FTIR

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