DSI Multitouch construction – Part 2

Here are some more shots of the work in progress of the DSI Multitouch Coffee table I’m building. Last week the Endlighten arrived. This wasn’t the easiest to acquire – in Australia the only option really was to buy a full sheet which would have cost $1000+. The best place to get cut-to-size acrylic is through the Evonik Online Store. Unfortunately they don’t ship outside the US so I had to get an account set up at MyUS, which provides a US mailing address with package forwarding so I could order the Acrylic to this address then have it forward to my address. This turned out to be the cheapest option (I also looked into some other methods).

The package was packed pretty well with a wooden frame for protection:

Placing the Endlighten on the LCD with the aluminium LED rails sitting in place. A final layer of glass/abrasion resistant acrylic will sit flush on top, providing a seamless full glass top:

Shot from underneath showing standard clear acrylic (3mm thick from Bunnings) supporting the backlight light diffuser layers from the LCD:

Some more shots of the clear acrylic with the diffusers. The LCD originally had 4 diffusing layers, but I will probably only use the two ‘frosted’ ones. I might place the Fresnal layers directly on top the back light which will be sitting at the base of the unit.

32″ DSI Multitouch coffee table construction – Part 1

For a while now I have been planning a 32″ multitouch coffee table. DSI uses a special acrylic which when lit from the edges distrubutes even illumination across the panel. Over the last few weeks I have been collecting bits and pieces and this weekend I started making the top for the table. Photos below.

The TV I will be using – 32″ Full HD Samsung LCD

TV with the back casing removed

FFC cables could be a problem

Hopefully this long ribbon cable will allow me to use the original FFC cables

The LCD panel removed

The backlight

The CCFL tubes in the backlight… Looks like I will have to make a custom backlight

I decided to make the table top out of 3 sheets of MDF glued together

Lining the sheets up

Checking that the LCD fits

Glueing sheets togther

Cool Microsoft Surface Videos

About a year ago I saw these videos pop up on YouTube showing some really cool physics and cloth simulations on Microsoft Surface. I though I would post them here for everyone to see and easily find them again.

Multitouch Jukebox Concept

As most people may know, Adobe released CS5 last week and with it Flash CS5 which now has built in native multitouch events. As an experiment with these new APIs I decided to rework my AS3 coverflow into a multitouch music player using gestures to scroll through album covers. Below you can watch a quick video I recorded of it in action. The basic controls are as follows:

  • Use two fingers touch and and scroll through albums
  • Single finger tap on cover to reveal songs
  • Single finger tap song to play
  • Two finger tap on song list to play ablum
  • Simple drag and drop songs into playlist

The performance is quite good with the camera in the MT screen running at 60fps, and the app running at 30fps. The advantage of using the native touch events is that the events are recieved from the Windows 7 HID driver so Windows can be controlled at the same time and the whole experience is much more seamless.

Oh and by the way… the screen I am using is a DIY 19″ LCD FTIR

My Multitouch Tangible Shooting Experiment

Last night I started building a shooting game in AS3 using tangible objects placed on my touch screen. This was inspired by the video I showed in the previous post. The video below shows my first test with directional shooting, though I havent added targets in yet. Since my set up uses FTIR technology I could not use fiducial markers, so I decided to build ‘active’ objects that have two IR LEDs in the bottom and a push button on top. The first LED is always on and provides location, and the second LED is controlled by the push button which triggers the gun provides the shooting angle relative to the first LED.

Tangible Gaming with Multi-touch

Found this cool video on the NUI Group forums showcasing an Asteroids game that Javier Marco has created, using actual objects placed on the screen as spaceships that shoot enemies. Very cool. Watch the video below. I think I might try something like this when I get some free time!

A nice app created for Microsoft Surface