DSI Multitouch construction – Part 4.5

This is just a small update with a few new photos… I’ve have now painted the table top black, I used a matte black spray paint (because I think its easier to get an even colour with) and then went over the top with a clear gloss. A also made a temporary top cover and painted it black also, eventualy this will either be gloss black perspex or I had an idea of having a clear frame and putting interchangeable frame designs on paper under it.

Preparing for paint.

Undercoat – 1 can of white primer

Black – 1 can of matte black, 1 can of Clear coat

An early version on my multitouch paint app.

Here are some more demo videos form my MT painting app…

Spray Paint with a spray can controller i made.

Painting and paint mixing using a paint brush.

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