DSI Multitouch construction – Part 4

Its been a while since I posted an update on my Multitouch coffee table. I am still working on it, just little bits at a time so no significant progress has been made worth posting. But here are some more photos of the progress. I will have some more recent shots up later in the week.

Testing diffusers for the LCD, the ones that came with the screen were too tick and blurred the blobs/fiducials too much. I decided to go with tracing paper which works really well as you can see in the image below.

Installing Windows 7…

Since I couldn’t be bothered pulling everything apart to paint the inside white, instead I lined the inside with white printer paper. I placed the original diffusers directly on top the back light to diffuse it more without affecting the blobs.


I bought a smart powerboard to hook everything up inside the box, this way everything including the LCD, amplifier and any other components have their power switched off when the PC is switched off. When the PC turns on, the powerboard detects the change in current and switches all the other sockets on. This way everything can be powered on by a single push button.


All circuitry, speakers and wires are now mounted…


View from the top looking at the back light without the back light diffuser

More photos coming soon…
Here are some dodgey videos taken on my phone…

Plants vs Zombies:

Fish pond screensaver from the Win 7 Touch Pack:

Basically all thats left now is to order black perspex for the outer box so the whole unit is shiny and black.

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