Multitouch Paint ( I haven’t given it a proper name yet) is a painting application I have been working on over the last couple weeks. Basically I wanted to create an app that was more then simple solid lines you see with most other Flash painting programs. I wanted something that was more like paint with different brushes, effects and most importantly – colour mixing. Below is a button to launch the app so you can see how it works, this is a very early version so not all the brush controls may work as expected yet, and paint mixing is a bit laggy at the moment. The app is multitouch enabled through native Windows 7 events, so anyone using DIY setups will have to have the Win7 HID driver running, but this also works fine with the mouse. I actually haven’t tested this with multitouch for a while so currently it probably works better with just the mouse. Here is a description of what the brushes are and what the buttons do:

Some things I still want to add:

Click the link below to launch the app: