Multitouch Paint – Part 2

Here is an updated version of my MT Paint application. Some of the improvements are:

  • New UI (work in progress)
  • Custom canvas size
  • Up to 5 Layers with Merge and Duplicate
  • Layer Blend Modes, Opacity and Visibilty
  • Load in Image to layer
  • Get Colour From Layer – select a layer to live sample colours from
  • Improved performance
  • Hardness and Opacity works on brushes
  • Eye Dropper colour selection tool (currently selects from selected layer, not whole image)
  • Rename layers

Note: Currently the application is best displayed on a screen at 1920×1080, it will still work on lower resolutions but some parts may be cut off.
Note 2: You can use your mouse too if you don’t have a touch screen!

Download AIR Installer

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